50th Anniversary Open Call

Be part of our 50th anniversary celebrations – championing creative education in arts, craft, and conservation

Share your experience of learning at West Dean College, whether it’s a picture of a beautiful object or artwork you created on a course or at an event, or a photo of you practising a skill that you’ve since developed as a pastime or even a livelihood.

Your contribution will be used throughout our anniversary year (October 2021 – September 2022):

  • featured in a temporary outdoor artwork at the College
  • part of an online exhibition
  • submitted to the West Dean College archive as part of a record of our first 50 years

You’ll also have the chance to be shared through our social media channels, and have your work featured on a product for sale in our gift shop.

If you’re a student, alumni, tutor, volunteer, trustee, tenant, fellow, artist or writer, conservator, visitor, supplier or colleague who has connected with our creative education we’d love to tell your story. Maybe you studied here and produced something amazing or had an incredible learning adventure? Were you inspired to be creative or learned a skill that you’ve since developed as a pastime or even a livelihood? You might have taught here and been inspired by your students or the magnificent surroundings? Perhaps you took part in an art activity during one of our events or had a life changing moment while studying here? Whatever your learning experience and whatever the outcome we’d love to include it in our celebration.

Complete the form below to send us your submission. Submissions should sum up your learning experience at the College and the impact it had on you. Details to include are:

  • At least one image in landscape orientation, saved as a tiff or jpg format with a minimum of 300 dpi and a min 2MB file size (20MB max). Please save the file with your initials and date in the format ddmmyyyy  – e.g. Joe Bloggs submitting a file on the 18 May 2021 would save it as JB18052021.
  • Short caption/title: Title for your picture/photo (20 words maximum) which we may share
  • Description: Please provide a description of your experience (70-100 words) which we may share.
  • Name to be used if we feature your work. Leave blank if you don't want us to do this and only include if you are happy to be identified.
  • Credit line: Please indicate who you would like to credit as creator of this photograph - e.g. Joe Bloggs may like to be credited as Joseph Bloggs, Ceramic Artist. 
  • Copyright notice: So we can credit everyone who's the legal owner of copyright in the image - e.g.  © Joe Bloggs 2021
  • Relationship to the College: This helps us understand how you have connected with the College. If you would rather not share this information please leave blank.
  • Country of residence: This may be used in email, print, on our website or social media to illustrate the College’s reach.
  • Website address: We may use this if we feature your work. Leave blank if you don’t have a website or don’t want us to do this.
  • Instagram: We may use this to tag you if we feature your work on Instagram. Leave blank if you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t want us to do this.

Submission deadline: 9 July 2021

All work will be fully credited and © ownership will remain with you.

The contact details you provide will not be published. See full GDPR information with the terms and conditions below.

If you're unsure what to include in your description and caption take a look at this example submission text from Sophie Mutter, We Are Mountain.
Short caption: Blackbird screen print
Description: "I completely fell in love with screen printing after doing a course at West Dean with Jane Sampson in 2014. The beautiful setting and the expertise of the teaching make West Dean truly unique, I have made life long friends there and gained confidence in myself as well as learning a brand new skill. My time there was invaluable as I now make my living selling screen printed cards, prints,
tea towels and bags at art fairs such as the fabulous annual one at West Dean, and in my own shop, Inspired, that I opened with my friend Gemma in Worthing in 2019! This blackbird print was the first thing I ever screen printed and is a design I still sell now!"
Credit line: Sophie Mutter, Artist
Copyright: © Sophie Mutter 2021

Please send landscape orientation images saved as a tiff or jpg at a minimum of 300 dpi and a 2MB(min)-20MB(max) file.
Please name images using your initials and date in the format ddmmyyyy – e.g. Joe Bloggs submitting an image on the 18 May 2021 would be JB18052021.


    Please enter the characters 3EBB in reverse order in the box below

    We will use this data to carry out our obligations arising from your enquiry or booking. For details of how we handle data please refer to our Privacy Statement.


    The only criteria is that the experience has some relevance to learning as we’re keen to champion your creativity and skills – i.e. proposing to your partner in the gardens doesn’t count unless you were doing a course here at the time (though we’re thrilled to have been a part of such a special moment).

    Are there any fees? There is no fee for submitting work.

    What is the deadline? Please submit your work by Friday 9 July 2021.

    How many images can I submit? We are anticipating one submission per person but if you have more than one very special experience to share you may submit further submissions on a separate form.

    Will I hear if my image is being included? This is not a curated exhibition, all images will be included in the online and outdoor exhibitions provided they meet the image resolution guidelines, do not breach any copyright, and are not deemed offensive, derogatory, or explicit in nature.

    Can I submit photos that aren’t digital? If your photograph is not already a digital photograph then we hope you can scan or photograph it using your phone.  If you do have problems doing this please do get in touch.

    What happens at the end of the exhibition? Digital image files and prints made from them will be deposited with the Archive at the end of the anniversary year.

    When will the exhibitions be available to view? Both the online and onsite exhibition should be available from autumn 2021.

    If you have problems uploading your submission, please contact us for assistance.