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  • Course

    Cover to cover – handmade books (S4D07590)

    28 January 2018 to 1 February 2018. Make several individual books as you get to grips with traditional and contemporary bookbinding methods and discover this satisfying creative process. Create your own sketch or calligraphic books, albums, multi-sec...

  • Course

    Hand stitched and painted letters (SLW07603)

    2 to 5 February 2018. Explore how to create and interpret letterforms for painted or stitched textile projects. Working with paint and stitch together on a variety of fabrics and paper surfaces, learn how to adapt formal and informal letterforms to m...

  • Course

    Calligraphic capitals (S2D07870)

    15 to 17 May 2018. Discover the versatility of capital letters for creating lively and expressive work. Look at some of the beautiful Greek and Roman examples to inspire your design of capitals for contemporary use, and explore with different calligr...