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  • Course

    Create your own jewellery – an individual approach (SSS08949)

    26 July 2019 to 1 August 2019. Develop a personal vocabulary of ideas for your jewellery making whilst gaining making skills and learning new techniques relevant to your projects. The week begins with a short, structured project and then fabricating,...

  • Course

    One day jewellery workshop (S1D08975)

    20 August 2019. Create individual jewellery and designs as you develop your ideas through drawing and are guided to realise your jewellery in three-dimensions. Techniques are demonstrated according to your needs. Beginners will be given a set project...

  • Course

    Silver jewellery (S1D09034)

    15 September 2019. Discover basic jewellery making techniques as you make and decorate a simple silver ring. Tutors: Sarah Macrae

  • Course

    Ancient brooch forms for contemporary jewellery (SLW09075)

    27 to 30 September 2019. Make a brooch from silver inspired by historic fibulae, bow, circle and penannular examples, which seamlessly integrate form and function. Examine these ancient examples then design your own brooch incorporating both a practi...

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