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    Shibori techniques for textiles (SSS11660)

    5 to 11 August 2022. Working with traditional techniques create patterned fabrics and papers using Karamatsu, Mokume, Guntai, Itajime, Shine-Ire and Makiage stitch and binding methods, before dyeing with traditional Indigo, Tansy and Madder plants. T...

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    Traditional shibori textile technique (S3D12131)

    2 to 5 October 2022. Learn a selection of traditional Japanese shibori techniques to create patterned fabrics, using stitching and binding. You will be taught Shibori basics, Guntai and Makiage, Mokume, Komasu and Shin-Ire rope core work, before dyei...

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    Katagami stencilling with indigo (S3D12466)

    19 to 22 February 2023. Learn the history and practice of Japanese Katagami stencil cutting and Katazome stencil dyeing. Cut your own stencils and use them and the tutor's own to make a variety of patterns with indigo dye. Tutors: Rob Jones