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  • Course

    Stone carving – knots, twists and weaves (S5D07881)

    20 to 25 May 2018. Take inspiration from ropes, knots and woven patterns to create a carved stone sculpture in the round or relief. From nautical knots to decorative Celtic patterns you will explore the scope offered by these intertwining forms and h...

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    Stone carving – fantastic fish and shiny shells (SSS08049)

    4 to 10 August 2018. Take inspiration from under the sea to carve wonderful fish and molluscs in the coral reef colours of limestones, soapstones and alabasters. Explore various shapes and forms to design and create your own marine sculpture through...

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    Stone carving alabaster – translucency in a rock (S5D08120)

    9 to 14 September 2018. Alabaster is a particular stone with its own rules and properties, soft, light but strong with many unusual colours and markings. Carve this intriguing substance and equip yourself with the knowledge and techniques to create y...