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  • Course

    Stone carving – inspired by India (S5D08623)

    24 to 29 March 2019. Make stone carvings inspired by the art and craft of ancient Indian monuments, sculptures and reliefs. By studying the design and creativity of the figures, animals, patterns and foliage you will learn how to translate this into...

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    Sculpting slate relief and round (S4D08800)

    19 to 23 May 2019. Slate is an undervalued material with wonderful colours and potential for sculpture. Explore the natural rock and discover how other artists have used it, as you learn to carve in relief and in the round to create a finished sculpt...

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    Exploration in stone – stone carving (SSS08952)

    2 to 8 August 2019. Explore and learn techniques for carving a variety of stone - soapstone, alabaster and limestone, through all stages to a finished sculpture. Design, tools, geology, contemporary and historical sculpture, surface finishes, polishi...

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    Stone carving – velvety black soapstone (S5D09060)

    22 to 27 September 2019. Focus on creating sculptures to be touched and felt as well as looked at as you explore black soapstone. It is intriguing, relatively soft, dense in nature and when polished and oiled its velvety blackness is revealed. Discov...