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    Metal birds and bugs – making outdoor sculptures (SWE07731)

    23 to 25 March 2018. Make a sculptural insect, reptile, fish or bird for your garden or pond from sheet metal and recycled materials. Develop your design idea as you explore techniques including cutting, heating and cooling, forming and shaping. Tut...

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    Bold metalwork for the garden (S3D07901)

    28 to 31 May 2018. Make real or surreal jungle flora and fauna from metal for your garden or home. Using bold copper forms and bright aluminium, explore the sculptural elements of leaves, vines and flowers. Tutors: Mike Savage

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    Sculpting in metals (SSS08053)

    4 to 10 August 2018. Make a three-dimensional object in metal and learn skills required, from developing the concept to finishing the surface. Begin with research sketches as you explore ideas and make a model. Then choose the appropriate metal - cop...