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    Botanical painting – roots and shoots (S3D08628)

    25 to 28 March 2019. Explore the transitional colours of spring from earthy colours and forms of hidden roots, bulbs and tubers contrasting with emerging greens. Techniques include observational drawing and accurate colour mixing together with the ap...

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    Botanical painting – bursting buds (SWE08755)

    3 to 5 May 2019. Learn traditional botanical watercolour painting techniques, using a step-by-step approach to capture buds as they begin to bloom. Make accurate observations and interpretations, with strong composition. Tutors: Mariella Baldwin

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    Botanical painting – summer flowers (S4D08969)

    18 to 22 August 2019. Enjoy painting the colours and forms of flowers from the cutting garden from deep magentas, shocking pinks, dazzling tangerines and more. Learn techniques in observation, composition, colour mixing and application to increase co...