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  • Course

    Graduate Diploma Conservation of Clocks

    Duration: 1 academic years (36 weeks) full time

    The programme provides a context for the analysis, assessment and treatment of historic objects. You will learn professional standards of conservation practice as you develop practica...

  • Course

    FdA Historic Craft Practices - Clocks

    Duration: 2 academic years (each 36 weeks) full time

    Equip yourself for a career in clock-making and working with dynamic objects by acquiring the practical and technical skills, the theory, principles and techniques us...

  • Course

    An introduction to clock making (S4D07770)

    2 to 6 April 2018. Delve into the processes used in clock making. Starting with the design and calculation of individual components of the clock, you use hand tools and participate in practical demonstrations of machine tools. This course can be seen...