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  • Course

    Screenprinting (S1D08696)

    4 April 2019. Learn screenprinting techniques using paper cut stencils and water-based inks, to make creative prints. Tutors: Jane Sampson

  • Course

    Introduction to screenprinting (SWE08792)

    17 to 19 May 2019. Discover how to use screenprinting techniques to produce multi-coloured design. Using paper cut stencils and water-based inks, learn how to create rich and fascinating imagery. Tutors: Jane Sampson

  • Course

    Experimental screenprinting (S4D09058)

    22 to 26 September 2019. Use photo stencils to incorporate a wide range of textures and painterly effects as well as photographic and scanned imagery into your work. Explore the possibilities of layering imagery, mark-making, colour and collage. Crea...