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  • Course

    Create your own planting plan (SWE08757)

    3 to 5 May 2019. Understand the principles of good planting and how to design planting plans. You will also learn about planning and plotting the right plants for your garden. Tutors: Annie Guilfoyle

  • Course

    Garden design (S1D08837)

    9 June 2019. Spend a day learning the basics of garden design to improve your plot, using simple exercises and design techniques. Tutors: Annie Guilfoyle

  • Course

    Designing your own garden (S3D08973)

    19 to 22 August 2019. Perfect for those who have a new garden with nothing in it, or an established garden in need of changes. Learn the basics of site evaluation and the creation of a functional layout and planting plan which can be used to plan and...