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  • Course

    Drawing portraits – accuracy and likeness (SWE07747)

    30 March 2018 to 1 April 2018. An essential guide on how to plan, approach and make an accurate portrait drawing. Learn about the structure of the human head and face, experiment with material techniques and enhance your skills. Tutors: Andrew Fitch...

  • Course

    Life drawing for beginners (SWE07855)

    11 to 13 May 2018. Gain essential knowledge of how to plan and approach the making of accurate life drawings. Learn about the structure of body, use of materials and techniques to develop your drawing skills. Tutors: Andrew Fitchett

  • Course

    Portrait painting – all media (SWE08098)

    31 August 2018 to 2 September 2018. Study the fundamentals of portrait painting to achieve a likeness through drawing, proportion, tonal values and colour. Choose your own medium, including paint or pastels. Tutors: Andrew Fitchett

  • Course

    Drawing for beginners (SWE08169)

    28 to 30 September 2018. Improve your powers of observation and draw with confidence. Through a step-by-step guide of key techniques learn how to record proportion and use light and shade to give your drawings form. Tutors: Andrew Fitchett