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  • Course

    Carve a tropical butterfly in limewood (S1D11557)

    12 February 2022. Learn the basic techniques and processes of woodcarving as you create the delicate wings of this tropical beauty helping you to get to grips with the carver's tools. Tutors: Alex Jones

  • Course

    Woodcarving for beginners (SWE11462)

    11 to 13 March 2022. After learning about timber and the use of hand tools, practise carving exercises to develop your hand skills before you embark on a relief-carving project based on natural forms. Tutors: Alex Jones

  • Course

    Woodcarving – an abstract sculpture (SLW11737)

    6 to 9 May 2022. This course is designed to help you choose and then explore the essence of a natural object. With this information you will then translate it in to a small three-dimensional abstract sculpture carved in lime wood. Tutors: Alex Jones