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Rhubarb (Rheum x hybridum)

Posted on 6th March 2015

Yorkshire rhubarb, from the hallowed rhubarb triangle around Wakefield has been awarded the coveted protected designation of origin (PDO) status by the European Commission, prohibiting anyone growing it outside the region from calling it the same. It gives it similar status to Cornish clotted cream and Melton Mowbray's pork pie.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good - March

    Posted on 27th February 2015

    Did you see the naturalised bulbs in action at West Dean during February this year? If you missed the display poor you as it was a sight to gladden any heart.

  • 25 Years of Glorious Gardening

    Conservation Project

    Posted on 25th February 2015

    In 1991, in the aftermath of the Great Storms of 1987, Head Gardeners Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain began a programme of renovating works at West Dean Gardens. They have been the inspirational leaders of the professional garden team, bringing to the place zeal, imagination, deep horticultural knowledge and an ever-growing understanding and enthusiasm for the gardens and its history.

  • Guest Bloggers

    Wintersweet by Jane Perrone

    Posted on 16th February 2015

    Back in December I was absolutely convinced that my wintersweet (Chimonanthus), a shrub renowned for both its headily-scented winter flowers, and taking its own sweet time to getting around to flowering, was finally about to do the business this year.

  • Winter

    Valentines means Roses

    Posted on 12th February 2015

    In the spirit of Valentine's Day I have just spent a very pleasant day pruning roses at home. It's not a huge garden and, like most of us, I want to grow more plants in it than the space will sensibly allow.

  • Winter

    Snowdrop Time

    Posted on 28th January 2015

    Early spring is the best time to see the emerging displays of snowdrops and crocuses which carpet the lawns here, until spring when the daffodils will light up the gardens. Who can ever get bored with coming across a delicious bunch of snowdrops or winter aconites?

  • Winter

    The Kindest Cut of All

    Posted on 21st January 2015

    On one level early January is the nadir of the gardening year. Days are short, light levels low, temperatures chilly and everything seems deeply dormant. But look more closely and the signs are there that nature's pulse is already strengthening.

  • Winter

    Holly and the Ivy Evergreen

    Posted on 16th December 2014

    Two of our very few native evergreens, holly and ivy, are as seasonally synonymous as Christmas and pudding. For our forebears, these were plants that mysteriously denied the seeming extinction of nature during winter's icy grip and, to this day, we retain the ancient custom of decking the house with these evergreen plants to subdue sprites and goblins over the festive season.

  • Winter

    December at West Dean

    Posted on 16th December 2014

    I feel as though I'm in the wrong story- more White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland (its late! its late!) than bringing December news from West Dean on time. Who says there isn't much to do in the garden in winter. West Dean Gardens will remain open until Sunday 21st so there is still time for you to visit our Gardens Shop for Christmas gifts and enjoy the delights of the Gardens Restaurant; best to get in quick as we will be closed throughout January 2015, reopening on February 1st. At this time of year you can take advantage of our reduced entry fees to the gardens too.

  • Kitchen Garden

    Walled Kitchen Garden

    Posted on 2nd December 2014

    Read Claudia de Yong's take on one of her favourite kitchen gardens in her 'places to visit' blog...yes, it's West Dean!

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