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  • Spring

    Spring re-opening

    Posted on 30th January 2017

    It may still officially be winter but it is a good time to get out on a crisp sunny day to enjoy the displays of snowdrops, the harbinger of spring, at West Dean. The award-winning gardens re-open on 3 February after the winter closure.

  • A to Z

    K is for kitchen garden

    Posted on 1st December 2016

    The walled kitchen garden at West Dean was the original "top ground" or upper kitchen garden, with the existing layout developed in the 1990's. Today the area is laid out using the classic Victorian design. Read more about this award-winning area which attracts visitors from around the world.

  • Looking good

    Looking Good in November at West Dean Gardens

    Posted on 8th November 2016

    Gorgeous autumnal weather - dry still and colourful means there's something for everyone to enjoy in the gardens. Glasshouse cleaning has started in earnest and we're moving from a season of glasshouse displays to the housekeeping months, so still a busy time.

  • A to Z

    J is for Jim

    Posted on 19th October 2016

    For the past 25 years Jim Buckland has managed West Dean Gardens with Sarah Wain, Gardens Supervisor. Read more about Jim in this blog with his plants by numbers....

  • Looking good

    Looking Good in October

    Posted on 4th October 2016

    Autumn weather can be glorious - it's my favourite season, and we're hoping that the sun will shine this autumn to entice you into the gardens at West Dean.

  • Autumn

    Countdown to Apple Affair

    Posted on 23rd September 2016

    The line-up for Apple Affair has been finalised, the apples from the orchards have all been gathered in, the chefs have done their prep and the band is ready to entertain...

  • 25 Years of Glorious Gardening

    Let's (garden) party

    Posted on 21st September 2016

    In 1991 Head Gardeners, Jim Buckland and Sarah Wain, began renovating the 19th century landscape at West Dean Gardens. To mark this we've been celebrating 25 Years of Glorious Gardening this year at West Dean which we continued with a Garden Party on the picnic lawn.

  • Gardens team

    Discover more about life as a garden volunteer

    Posted on 12th August 2016

    Find out what's involved in volunteering at West Dean Gardens in this blog about Thelma Jack, a keen gardener and horticulturist, who has been helping out for over nine years at West Dean. Having trained as a teacher, studied horticulture and taught rural science for many years, Thelma certainly has a lot to offer. The team spirit between the staff and volunteers makes her feel like they are one big family.

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