• Autumn

    November at West Dean

    Posted on 5th November 2014

    At this time of year there is a flurry of list-making as jobs to be done in the gardens are arranged and rearranged according to the weather and priority. It's all about housekeeping in November, a case of which glasshouse to empty then clean and in which order.

  • Autumn

    St Roche’s Arboretum

    Posted on 3rd November 2014

    This is a glorious stroll that takes you from the richly planted ornamental grounds through the simplicity of the landscape park, the arboreal splendors of the arboretum and thence into the upper landscape park with panoramic views of the beautiful South Downs.

  • Autumn

    October at West Dean

    Posted on 13th October 2014

    There is a wistful softness about golden October, a period that can produce some of our most congenial weather in which to enjoy the less urgent jobs of autumn such as lawn raking!

  • Autumn

    West Dean Gardens in October

    Posted on 1st October 2014

    The dry September with less than 10 mm of rain recorded has been the driest at West Dean in the past 34 years. We could do with some rain, a generous 15 mm right now would suit nicely. Read more in our October blog.

  • Autumn

    Fruits of our Labours

    Posted on 23rd September 2014

    As September slides by the damage limitation exercise that is the garden after a long summer slips into history and we can relax a little. It's also the time to savour the fruits of our labours as the grapes, apples and pears ripen and are picked in the orchards.