Student Conference

Student conference Transitioning - Emerging Professionals & Cross-Disciplinary Conservation

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

Free event

Prepare for the transition into employment within a field that is itself transitioning, and share interdisciplinary ideas and an industrywide focus on cross-disciplinary training/learning. Organised by students from our School of Conservation.

As the field of conservation becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, many institutions are requiring conservators to handle a wider range of objects and tasks. The conference will address the importance for conservation students to have an understanding of the shape of the industry and equip themselves with the tools and contacts to successfully work and grow in the field.

The conference is free to attend, please register online by Sunday 10 June. Places can be reserved via Eventbrite

Tea, coffee and a buffet lunch will be provided.


Specialisations in Conservation:
Identifying transferrable skills and adapting to job criteria for museum roles - Margot Murray

Margot is an assistant artefact conservator at National Museums Scotland. Drawing on her own experience of specialising in ceramics and going on to work in a general object conservation role, she will be talking about how specialist skills can still be transferable when working on objects made from different materials, and how to successfully incorporate details of these into a museum job application.

Training for work in contemporary and modern art conservation: Undertaking an internship at Tate Sculpture and Installation Department as part of an object conservation course - Libby Ireland

Currently in her final year of an MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums at University College London, in an interesting contrast with Margot's presentation, Libby will be talking about how she adapted broader object conservation training into a more specialist Contemporary and Modern Art conservation role as part of her internship at the Tate.

Thinking Outside the Box: The Challenge of my First Conservation Job - Marina Herriges

Marina is a final year masters student at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencià€. Reflecting on a three-month position as assistant textile conservator at the Carmen Miranda museum in Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2017, Marina will consider the differences between "real world" work and what we do as students in teaching institutions, and how theory and practice must be adapted when presented with the idea of an object's function beyond the student workbench.

Panel sessions

The afternoon will consist of two panel sessions with question and answer discussions. The first will encompass a group of emerging professionals at various stages of their careers, who will each talk briefly about their professional journey. The second panel will feature a range of professionals in related fields, speaking about their professional relationship with conservators and how students should expect to interact with linked professionals during their career.

Emerging Professionals Panellists

Margot Murray - Assistant Artefact Conservator at National Museums Scotland.

Emily Kelmendi - Freelance Conservator/Collections Manager. Also currently undertaking the Collections Care and Conservation Management MA at West Dean College.

Johan ten Hoeve - Conservator at The Clockworks museum of electrical horology, London.

Katrina Redman - Conservator at Hall Conservation. Also metals conservation subject tutor at West Dean College.

Linked Professionals Panellists

Duncan Walker - Curator at the Russell-Coates Museum, Bournemouth.

James Stratton - Director of the Clock Department at Bonhams.

Emma O'Driscoll - Collections Manager at West Dean College.