Toby Christian - Artist Talk

The Old Library, West Dean College

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Toby Christian uses writing as an integral part of his wide-ranging practice. In the present tense, his writing describes the minutiae of objects, substances, surfaces and environments, presenting the reader with empty scenes to inhabit and materials to co-author. This ongoing activity motivates the concurrent and episodic production of sculpture, installation, performance, painting and animation.

Patchy records of objects and bodies, plans and models for future places, archetypal forms for living and working, and contorting typographical characters constellate around his detailed written descriptions.

Forthcoming solo exhibitions include:

  • Old School New Body, Gallery Celine, Glasgow (2019), and
  • Burners, nam project, Milan (2019)

    Recent solo exhibitions and performances include:
  • Trippy Scroller, PEER, London (2018),
  • The News, Swimming Pool, Sofia (2017), and
  • Railing, Whitechapel Gallery (2017).

Christian's books Collar (2018) and Measures (2015) were published by Koenig Books.

This artist's talk is hosted by the full-time Fine Art programmes at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation. Students can study for a Graduate Diploma in Fine Art or MFA, with various funding options available to support students throughout their studies.

Toby Christian - Untitled (2018) paper, bamboo, steel, 164 x 96 x 63cm