The Living Jigsaw – how to garden with wildlife in mind

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation


Val Bourne will be talking about the content of her book, The Living Jigsaw, which explores gardening without using chemicals, as Val believes passionately that it's quite possible to have a beautiful flower-packed garden and help wildlife.

After decades of emphasis on pest control, often achieved through chemical means, gardeners around the world are beginning to come around to a new or, really, old way of thinking: a garden whose very diversity of plant and animal life makes it healthy, beautiful, and productive. Val introduces both new and experienced gardeners to the wide diversity of birds, animals, insects, and even slugs that help bring a natural balance to a home garden and help its plants and flowers shrug off problems before they become entrenched.

Based on her own garden, Spring Cottage, Val's talk offers a unique insight into how natural gardens work and with much of wildlife in a terrifying decline, how gardeners can begin to nurture the planet beyond their own garden wall.

Time: 2.00-3.30pm

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Val Bourne is an award-winning garden writer, organic gardener and lecturer