Salon Imaginaire #3 – David Thomas Broughton and Hamilton Yarns

This is a Pay What You Decide event - please register to secure your seat.

Open to all aged 12+.

Shuttle bus
An eight-seater shuttle bus will be making two runs to Chichester train station after the performance. This is a very limited service, and therefore is only available to those who have already booked a seat for the event, and is on a first-come first-served basis.

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This Salon concert features performances by some of the most imaginative music makers working today. David Thomas Broughton is an English folk/avant-garde singer and guitarist, known for his love of improvisation.

Master of surprise and the unexpected gesture, he presents his audience with a disarmingly 'live' performance that combines captivating heartfelt minstrelsy with arch flashes of pure performance art. Hamilton Yarns was forged in 2002 by founding members Iain Paxon and Alistair Strachan. Since then, their music has been unfolding through collaboration with a rolling cast of idiosyncratic contributors; at its core remains a fascination with the miraculous nature of the Everyday.

Join us at this evening event that explores musical storytelling, chance, spontaneity and human experience in the College's historic Oak Hall.

Doors open at 7.30pm. Music starts at 8pm. The Steward's Bar will be open until 10.30pm.

Open to all age 12+. This is a Pay What You Decide event. Please register to book your seat.

David Thomas Broughton

In 2016, David's music and his extraordinary performance style became the subject of a feature-length documentary entitled The Ambiguity Of David Thomas Broughton. In interview with The Guardian, Greg Butler, the film's maker, likened Broughton to "a Dadaist performance artist crossed with Vic and Bob". David's work needs to be seen to be fully (mis)understood.

"It's like watching somebody who wants to just play pretty songs, and then another guy who wants to stop that guy at all costs, except they're the same guy," Jonathan Myberg (of the band 'Shearwater')

Watch the trailer of The Ambiguity of David Thomas Broughton

"A true English eccentric"

The Guardian

Hamilton Yarns

Having played in venues ranging from an old minesweeper in Deptford Creek to the London School of Economics Library, the Yarns' continue to usher unassumingly profound images into the room with their sparse, playful, and ever-changing performances.

"...ramshackle episodic narratives. Their distressed parlour music is highly original."

The Wire

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