Easier ways to a successful vegetable and fruit garden

The Old Library, West Dean College of Arts and Conservation

On Saturday 26 February, Charles Dowding will be leading the workshop 'Simplifying the rules – easier ways to a successful vegetable and fruit garden' at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation.

Charles will explain his no-dig style of gardening, composting, sowing at the best time, and how to achieve healthy plants. He will also share how to grow salad leaves all year, succession planting and winter vegetables.

Charles is passionate about stimulating pupils to be excited about what they can create, "using the principles and methods I explain so they can work out their own best approach in the garden."

Students can expect to find inspiration at West Dean Gardens.

Book your place today.

Students should arrive by 9.30am for registration.

Lunch is included.

This course will take place in The Old Library at West Dean College, so please use the College car park.

Charles Dowding

Charles graduated from Cambridge in 1980 and then started an organic, no dig market garden. He is self-taught and learns from observation at home and abroad and is trialling new methods all the time. He teaches, writes and grows vegetables for sale, has seven books published and seven films on his Youtube channel.

Charles is inspired by the growth of plants showing the life and quality of soil, and the possibilities of creating beauty in a vegetable garden; ornamental as well as productive.