Brahms Music Recital

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation


Johannes Brahms stands outside the mainstream of the Romantic Movement. His interests lay far more in abstract music, sonatas, symphonies, variations and concertos rather than opera or program music, although he did, of course, compose many wonderful Lieder.

His music is a fascinating combination of traditional forms and powerful, romantic harmony, the often profound emotional effect that his music exerts perhaps arises from the tension between these two forces. 

Evening recital

Susan Gritton returns to sing some of the wonderful Lieder by Brahms, accompanied on piano by Roy Stratford. 

This evening Recital forms part of the A weekend exploring the music of Brahms – music appreciation short course, and is included in the programme for course participants.

Tickets for this recital are not currently available to purchase - please check back in January 2021.