Caron Penney
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What will students gain if they come on one of your courses?

Beginner’s students will learn basic tapestry weaving techniques, for instance, building techniques such as weaving diagonals and circles through to blending techniques such as the mixing of yarns and the use of hatching. Intermediate students will gain an insight into more detailed weaving methods, while creating their own design and cartoon.Working with colour is a major part of all my courses, as colour mixing is at the heart of my interest into the craft of tapestry weaving.

I like the students to have the freedom to show their own personality in the work, whether through the selection of colours they pick or within the creation of a tapestry designed by them.

What inspires your own work?

I work on many commissions in West Dean Tapestry Studio and have done so since 1993. I thoroughly enjoy working with both artists, designers, and in the case of the current project, medieval tapestry. I am a colourist at heart, I love to blend yarns together creating the optimum of subtly and it is when I can indulge in this weaving that I am happiest.

I also produce my own tapestries for exhibition which are autobiographical in content. I am inspired by the work of Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin, and the tapestry weaver Archie Brennan among others.

Where can students see examples of your work?

I exhibit my work nationally, in my local open studios through to the Saatchi Gallery for Collect (organised by the Crafts Council).
I also have work in the permanent collection of Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.

Where did you gain your training/experience?

Foundation Studies at Portsmouth College of Art
BA (Hons) Constructed Textiles at Middlesex University
West Dean Tapestry Studio

What teaching experience have you had?

I have a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (post compulsory) and have been teaching since 2000.

Is your work in any public or private collections?

I have work in the permanent collection of the Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead.

Have you written any books/had articles published?

I wrote the guide to the Stirling Palace Tapestries, I have written a number of articles most notably for the Weavers, spinners and dyers journal.
I hope to co-author a book on Tapestry which will be in the book stores in 2011.

Do you belong to any professional groups/societies?


Caron works as a consultant for the West Dean's Tapestry Studio, having previously worked as the Studio Director where she worked for 20 years.