Alex Brooks
alex brooks portrait

I believe in experiential education and the mastering of technique. I usually teach by demonstrating a technique, then allowing the students to experiment with that technique while I observe, assist, and council. After a practical segment I will try to show ways the students can apply the technique to a larger body of work.

What will students gain if they come on one of your courses?

Students will gain a practical understanding of letterpress printing and ways to incorporate images and text in their own printmaking. They will leave with the knowledge necessary to apply the skills learned to their own work.

Are there any particular techniques/processes you use in your teaching?

Letterpress with metal and wood type, woodcuts, reduction woodcuts, wood engravings, digital printmaking techniques, and experimental printmaking techniques

What inspires your own work?

I want to tell stories with my art; my woodcuts are usually portraits or still lives of the people and places around me.

Where can students see examples of your work?

Where did you gain your training/experience?

University of Kentucky. Practical experience with workshops & apprentices.

What teaching experience have you had?

Numerous bookbinding and printing workshops at all age levels. Undergraduate level wood engraving studio art class at the University of Kentucky. One on one instruction with apprentices.

Is your work in any public or private collections?

My printed books are collected by the University of Kentucky Special Collections

Have you written any books/had articles published?


you belong to any professional groups/societites?

I have applied for membership to ICON and the Society of Bookbinders.