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NEW Visual Arts Scholarship in Tapestry and Textile Art for the academic year 2015/16, courtesy of a funder. The scholarship will cover the full tuition fees for one year of study and is available to Graduate or Postgraduate Diploma applicants, or can cover one year of the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) programme. For details about how to apply for the Visual Arts Tapestry and Textile Art Scholarship please contact diplomas@westdean.org.uk

Our students develop an understanding of the relationships between material, process and theory. As well as being able to study specific techniques such as felt making, tapestry weaving, printing and stitch, students will be encouraged to experiment with new interpretations of established processes as a way of extending their practice. Research is informed by relevant historical and theoretical contexts across the Visual Arts, particularly in relation to contemporary tapestry and textile work.

A student's perspective:

Anne Alldread

I did a degree in Visual Arts and Print at Derby University twenty years ago, but for the last fifteen years I have been making ends meet – cleaning, shop work, housekeeper – anything that pays the bills. I found out about West Dean by applying to go on one of their short courses, Tapestry Weaving. I needed to get back to some artistic practice, and the short course was a way to spend a weekend on it. I hadn’t realised it would be the trigger for full-time study again. That weekend changed my life. I applied for funding and got a place on the Postgraduate Diploma, starting that October. It has been a brilliant year, being at West Dean has changed everything for me. I’ve been able to explore my practice and develop my confidence – much needed after 15 years away from art.The best thing about being here is the ability to expand your ideas. We aren’t restricted and we have the freedom to challenge ourselves. Being a resident I’ve really been able to use this year to focus and make the most of other departments and facilities. The technicians are wonderful. We can go to them anytime and they always help – I shall miss them the most! This has been a new beginning for me, and I’m hoping to set up a studio when I get home.

Anne Alldread, (Postgraduate Diploma Tapestry and Textile Art)

To find out more call our Academic Office + 44 (0)1243 818 291, or email us at diplomas@westdean.org.uk

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West Dean College and Gardens are situated in South East England, six miles north of the historic city of Chichester and 12 miles from the south coast.

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