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West Dean College Library

The College library is a dedicated Art, Conservation and Design Library. It houses approximately 8,000 books and 70 journals aimed at supporting the Diploma and MA programmes.

There is a local interest section, DVD section and a general reference area.

The online catalogue is available throughout the workshops, IT suite and the library itself. Also available is a library homepage which offers access to a number of on-line databases, archives and other useful sources.


West Dean College - M.A. Theses

2004 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

Venus Observed & Venus Obscured: The Coade stone Caryatids in St. Roche's Arboretum, West Dean by Anne McKenzie Carr
A Comparative Study of the Past Conservation Treatments of Corroded/Tarnished Inlaid Metalwork by Naomi Hemuki
Cloisonné in Context by Lorna Calcutt
Art + Poetry = Book But Then What Happens? by Stephanie Gibbs
The Stove's Renaissance: Investigation of and research into the history, and social history, of a 17th century stove and the planning of its ethical conservation by Alex Patchett Joyce

2005 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

Tao: Development, Identity, & Conservation Issues by Ruth Stevens
Broken joints in books: a review of their causes, and the development of a testing protocol for repair materials by David Dorning
The Chinese book - a superlative artefact: the historical evolution and characteristics of the Chinese book; and the preservation and conservation practices developed by early Chinese bookbinders by Ruth Stevens
The Conservation of Polychrome Oil Paint on Copper and Copper Alloys by Cynthia Gorman
The Conservation of Textile Bindings by Christine McNair
A Bidri Project: A Theoretical and Practical Exploration of the Bidri Ware Alloy and Patina and an Examination of the Conservation of Bidri Ware Artefacts by Sandra Joly
Issues Surrounding the Conservation of English Reverse-glass Prints by Rachel Swift

2006 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

The English Book of Common Prayer: The Seventeenth Century Book Structure as a Source of Bibliographic Data and the Implications for Conservation Through Survey, Testing, and Models by Vanessa Haight
The Historical Development and Conservation of Nineteenth Century Publishers' Cloth Case Bindings by Kohleen Reeder
The Book as a Museum: an Overview of Bound Mixed Media and Whether Decision-Making Frameworks Can Assist in Developing Their Conservation Strategies by Elizabeth Neville

2007 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

The Conservation-Restoration of Historical Copper Alloy Artefacts with the Use of Soldering and Brazing Alloys by Emma Cormack
Blue John Stone for Conservation: an Investigation of Blue John Stone and Bonding Materials Used in Its Conservation by Caitlin E. R. Shaffer
Investigating Guilloche Enamels and Approaches Toward their Conservation by Carolyn J. Wyman
The Use of Pressure Boxes & a Comparison of their Two Main Types by Jennifer A. Jarvis

2008 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

Structural Issues in the Conservation of Bound 18th-century Musical Scores and Part-books by Rachel M. Kadel-Garcia
Conservation of Pop-Up Books: An Investigation in the Tensile Strength of Adhesives and Repairs on Coated and Uncoated Papers by Kristi Westberg
An Investigation into Methods to Accurately Correct Misaligned Edges on Damaged Historical Books by Wojtek Boden
The Effects of Oxidation on Depletion Gilded and Non-depletion Gilded Surfaces Relating to Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Gold Boxes by Jill Hari
Conservation of Makie Albums: A Discussion on the History and Manufacture of Makie Albums and an Investigation into the Treatment of Voids in Urushi-lacquered boards of Makie Albums by Sayaka Fukuda
An Investigation Into Epoxy Repairs on Pinions by Karin Jagare
An Investigation Into the Use of Laser Welding for the Conservation of Berlin Ironwork Jewellery by Anna Rolls Araldite 2020, Epo Tek 301-2, Fynebond, & Hxtal NYL-1: A Comparative Study of the Tensile Strength of Epoxy Resins in the Context of Glass Chandeliers by Lina Pak Conservation of Silk-Covered Bindings: An Example of How Textile Conservation Techniques Might by Utilised by Book Conservators by Lucy Cheng

2009 M.A. in Conservation Studies

To What Extent are the Mechanical Properties of Aerocotton and Aerolinen Affected by Warp Orientation, Washing, and Use of Acrylic Paint for Colouring in the Context of Board Reattachment? by Rachel Sawicki An Investigation into Aspects of 17th Century Japan Finishing Techniques and Materials" by Glen Smith
Can Aqueous Methods Effectively and Safely Remove Dirt from the Surface of 20th Century Painted Plaster Objects by Olivia McGill
Laser Cleaning Alabaster: an Investigation of Alterations to Alabaster Surfaces When Cleaned by 1064nm Md:YAG Laser by Sarah Jane Short
Methods of Preparation and Application of Gelatine as an Adhesive for Paper Repair: A Comparative Study by Brannah Mackenzie
Can a New Joint Improve the Limp Binding of Preservation Use? An Investigation into the Development of a Joint for the Limp Binding Which May Improve the Mechanical Working of the Structure by Lisbeth Lund Investigating Cylcododecane as an Exclusion Layer During Consolidation of an Un-saturated Surface by David John Burton

2011 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

A Study of the Removability of Paraloid B-72 from Degraded Shellac Surfaces by Tristram Bainbridge
Evaluation of the Use of SC6000 in Conjunction with Klucel G as a Conservation Treatment for Bookbinding Leather by Anna Johnson Investigating the Abrasion Resistance of Frigilene Lacquer to Three Acid-Free Packing Materials by Hannah Collacott

2012 M.A. in Conservation Studies:

Analysis of Archaeological Roman ‘Colourless’ Glass Shards Using Non-Destructive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) by Amelie Drewdun
Conservation of an Early Electric Master Clock: Making a Copy as a Conservation Tool by Francoise Collanges
The Contemporary Practice of Rebinding Books by Alex Brooks
An Investigation into the Benefits of Adopting Collections Care Management in Modern Working Marine Interiors by Helen Robertson
An Investigation into the Effectiveness of Different Air Abrasion Media in Removing Paint from Cast Iron by Jong Chul Kwon
A Preliminary Investigation into Materials used for Bellows Coverings in Smoking Automata by Brittany Cox
An Investigation into the Possible Bonding Mechanisms in Cast-In Repairs to Historic Bronzes by Scarlett Hutchin
Investigation on whether Zinc Hydroxychloride Mortar is suitable as Filling Material for the Conservation of Architectural Portuguese Azulejos – Adhesion and Compatibility Analysis by Tiago P. Oliveira
Non-Destructive Analysis of Selective Discoloration in Two 17th Century Codices by Abigail Uhteg

2005 M.A. Visual Arts

The Value of Tradition in Representational Painting by Tim Kent The Position of an Artist in Postmodern Society by Claire Davies

2006 M.A. Visual Arts

Fine Art and the Post Postmodern Predicament by Raven Gosney The Value of the Tradition of Painting within the Contemporary Visual Environment Features of Subsensory Integration in the Creative Process by Vaizgante Kunigunda Dineikaite In Search of Self by Sarah Buckingham The Position of the Artist in Contemporary Society by Janet Carter The World of Interiors by Therese Drew Re:creation in-formation by Richard Goldstein The Concept of Beauty in the West by Veronica Seagren

2007 M.A. Visual Arts

Violence and Non-Violence in Visual Culture by Andre Nobrega Images of the Psyche by Frankie Jenkins Figures of Form, Figures of Speech by Karen Gardner

2008 M.A. Visual Arts

The Spirit of Painting and its Survival in Postmodernism by Shelagh Williams MA Dissertation by Helena Hoskova Upstairs-Downstairs by Ana Maria Torres Inside Pink Cinema by Sophie Marguerite Adams

2010 M.A. Visual Arts

A Limited Horizon: A Line of Division or Unity by Mariella Baldwin Read My Lips - A Study of the Manipulation of Images of Women Focusing Particularly on Lips and Lipstick, and their Cultural Significance by Claire Buckley Appreciating Art in Our Time: The Art of Spectatorship by Barry Page

2011 M.A. in Visual Arts

Beyond Facade and Consciousness; The Search for the Haptic and Visual in Sculpture by Kristina Hagstrom Furniss

2012 M.A. in Visual Arts

Perception and the Portrayal of the Face by Richard Barnes
How Successful, Accessible and Public is Public Art? By Anni Onsager
The Work of Art in the Post-Photographic Age: Painting in the Technological Climate of Digital Photographic Manipulation by Robert Smerdon
Making and Viewing Art: An Investigation of Transforming Ordinary Objects into Works of Art by Amy George

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