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Funding Your Studies


West Dean College awards a number of Scholarships to the very best students. Applicants for the Scholarship awards need to be able to demonstrate an outstanding potential and commitment to their studies and future career in their chosen subject. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate excellence by providing evidence of past achievements and related work experience, alongside recommendations from current or past tutors and colleagues.

There are several Scholarship awards available in 2015–16, which are detailed below. Prospective Scholars can apply for more than one Scholarship. Information about the different Scholarship awards is detailed below and on the interactive PDF.

Scholarship Schemes

Any programme - The Edward James Foundation Anniversary Scholarship
Books - Dr Robin Barnard Scholarship
Ceramics, Metalwork and Furniture -The British Antique Dealers’ Association (Bada) Joan Eyles Scholarship
Clocks or Metalwork -The Sidney Sanders Scholarship
Metalwork - The South Square Trust Scholarship
Any programme - The Skinners’ Company, Lawrence Atwell’s Charity, The Skinners’ Company Atwell Awards For Excellence
Conservation – The Sussex Scholarship

Download a scholarship application form here


Bursaries for students in need are offered via the Edward James Foundation Bursary Fund. The Fund is financed by donations both from the Edward James Foundation itself and supplemented by other organisations and individuals who make donations or leave bequests to support students.

Bursary Funds

The Edward James Foundation Bursary Fund
- click here to download the application form

The Leche Trust Bursary Fund - click here to download the application form

Online Grant Databases - The following websites may be useful for other potential funding sources.

Creative Choices provide the tool ‘Find Funding’ to help individuals research, see www.creative-choices.co.uk

Funding Central is a free website with tools and resources. see www.fundingcentral.org.uk

Student Cashpoint has information and advice about budgeting and applying for funding, see www.studentcashpoint.co.uk

Turn 2 Us provides information and advice about grants and benefits, see www.turn2us.org.uk

West Sussex 4 Funding is a website with information about funding opportunities tailored for West Sussex, see www.open4community.info/westsussex

Student Loans Company www.slc.co.uk

The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding Online is all about alternative sources of funding - especially charities - which can make awards (fees, maintenance, research costs) to any student regardless of subject, or nationality.

The Alternative Guide Online contains a huge database of funding opportunities, comprehensive guidance, and numerous tools to help you prepare a winning grant application. West Dean College has purchased a licence to the Guide, and so it’s free for all students and staff to use! Login Now!

If you are a prospective student who has applied to the university, please email: Heidi.divis@westdean.org.uk to get an access PIN

Other Sources of Funding

There are a number of funders who share our passion for conservation and creativity and fund students directly.

Anna Plowden Trust supports the primary training of UK conservation students by offering grants towards course fees, see www.annaplowdentrust.org.uk.
Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) makes awards to craftsmen and women of all ages to help them further their careers, see www.qest.org.uk
The Eaton Fund provides funding for artists (not performing) e.g. painters, potters, sculptors and photographers. Funding given for materials and equipment, see www.eaton-fund.co.uk.
The George Daniels’ Educational Trust aims to encourage higher education study in various disciplines including Horology. An advisory committee will administer and identify suitable horological students. For further information, email clocks@davidpoole.co.uk.
The Skinners’ Company, Lawrence Atwell’s Charity supports students aged between 16 and 26, UK national, national of other countries ordinarily resident in the UK for three years prior to the start of their course, refugee or asylum seeker, low income background. Does not fund degrees or postgraduate qualifications other than via the Skinners’ Company Atwell Awards for Excellence, see www.skinnershall.co.uk/charities/ lawrence-atwell-charity.htm.
Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS) is the MOD’s Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC), an initiative to promote lifelong learning amongst members of the Armed Forces. The ELC scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years. West Dean College is an approved supplier (ELC no. 3280). Up to £2,000 per ELC claim available, see www.enhancedlearningcredits.com.
Postgrad Solutions now offer bursaries across a number of subject areas for students commencing postgraduate studies.
Click here to apply- http://www.postgrad.com/editorial/bursaries/

How to apply for funding

1. Identify a list of potential funders which fund individuals and might be interested in your area of work.

2. Research the potential funder preferences and find out as much as you can about what interests them. The more you can make your letter, or application, specifically relevant to them, the more interested they will be. If you have any personal contacts with the funder, this could be helpful. You should also find out what level of funding they usually give to judge how much you should ask for.

3. When applying follow any guidelines the funder has. Many will have a form, but if not, aim to keep your application to two pages. When you apply make it easy for the funder to get a sense of who you are and what you are working towards. Most importantly be explicit and concise about what you want, with a clear budget.

Funding for International Students

If you are looking to find help with funding your studies in the UK it is a good idea to send out funding applications as soon as possible. It may be more difficult to make arrangements for financial support once you have left your own country. Start by enquiring with your own Ministry of Education or Department of Education as they may have details of scholarship opportunities for students wishing to study overseas.

The British Council provides a basic guide for possible sources of funding for international students who want to study in the UK. Visit www.britishcouncil.org/learning-fundingyour- studies.htm.

Anglo-Danish Society invites scholarship applications from students of Danish nationality undertaking postgraduate courses, see www.anglo-danishsociety.org.uk.

Chevening Scholarships provide Foreign and Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships. They are prestigious awards which enable overseas students to study in the UK, see www.chevening.org.

Commonwealth Students can apply for scholarships and fellowships through Commonwealth Scholarships, see www.cscuk.dfid.gov.uk.

The Europe-Korea Foundation offers scholarship programmes for South Korean students, see www.ekf.or.kr/site/programme/ scholarship/programme.htm.

The Gen Foundation may consider funding exceptional candidates studying on an Arts programme, see www.genfoundation.org.uk.

The US-UK Fulbright Commission offers a range of study abroad opportunities to US citizens through their awards programme, see www.fulbright.co.uk/fulbright-awards/ for-us-citizens.

Council for International Student Affairs provides guidance for international students looking for loans, welfare benefits and scholarships, see www.ukcisa.org.uk.

The Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund provides awards to Canadian students for academic and artistic study in the UK, see www.canadianscholarshipfund.co.uk.

If you would like to discuss funding in more detail please contact our Academic Office +44 (0)1243 818 291 or diplomas@westdean.org.uk UK

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