Managing change: Moveable heritage in context

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Managing change: Moveable heritage in context

Dates: 2–5 December 2013
Course code: PC1308 (3 day course)
Non-residential fee: £399

Conservators, whether they work on delicate clocks or large wall paintings, share a common methodology and ethic. This short course has been instrumental in challenging established forms of practice in the discipline and in providing intellectual and practical tools for working in new and different ways, changing ways of thinking and working. By revealing the intellectual context in which conservation choices are made, practitioners are also forced to reveal the assumptions in their current practice that have largely been unquestioned. This encourages professionals to question their established practice and provides the confidence to develop new ways of working. Participants will explore how a conservation profession has developed during the last century and examines how western conservation values are deployed in the management of global cultural heritage. It will examine the study of the object in the context of wide-ranging cultural values and will make reference to case studies. The course will examine contentious concepts such as irreversibility, minimal intervention, value judgements and how conservators impact on the decision-making process.

The course will be run in collaboration with the Institute of Conservation (Icon) and is inspired by the Sharing Conservation Decisions course run by ICCROM.

Course leader: Helen Hughes. After a long career with English Heritage, Helen now runs a consultancy company, Historic Interiors Research and Consultancy (HIRC). She has published widely and is a Fellow of IIC and Visiting Professor at Lincoln University.

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