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Building Conservation Masterclasses

Date: 16–19 MARCH 2009
Course code: BC3D121
Non-residential fee: £450

This course provides an understanding of, and basic skills in, the conservation and repair of traditional brick and terracotta masonry and flint buildings. The starting point for brick and terracotta is an understanding of the raw materials and their characteristics when fired. A range of brick and terracotta buildings will be studied to illustrate methods of construction, common failures and decay processes. Particular common problems will be identified and solutions investigated. Methods of repair, joint treatments and cleaning relevant to brick, including gauged brick and terracotta, will be discussed and form part of the practical sessions.

The detailed study of flint buildings covers the origins and characteristics of flint, regional variations in method and style of building, and the strengths and weaknesses of flint construction in different contexts. This part of the course aims to establish a firm appreciation of the importance and quality of flint as a masonry material and to show how to assess the condition of flint walls, prepare the repair schedule and specification, and carry out the remedial treatment to a high standard.

Colin Burns
Brian Dawson, John Warren, Gerald Williams and Jon Wilson

ENQUIRIES: Liz Campbell
Telephone: +44 (0) 1243 818219

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